What is Startup Mela 2018?

The Start-up Mela is initiative of The-Startup.Org to maintain startup and entrepreneurial eco-system through a grand event to connect start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporation, investors, incubators, accelerator service provider, government body and organizations together for social and economic improvement. The global event The Startup Mela is our marquee event, which represents over over three thousands people globally. This year is going to be Historical festival of Startup & Entrepreneurs for first time in Nepal as it has various features as mentioned below.

Features of Startup Mela 2018

  • Pre-Summit in different (city) country
  • Categorized Market  Space in Mela
  • Competition and prizes( Starter, star-tup )
  • International incubation & accelerators
  • Forums
  • Media Longue
  • VIP Networking Dinner Party
  • Promotional Activities
  • Product & Company Launch
  • Video Stories, Startup Shows, Awards etc.
  • Nepal – International Summit 2018
  • Training for Startup (Starter, Mentors by globally recognized trainers)
  • Investors & Startup Longue
  • Idea & Cultural Exchange Space
  • Networking & Team Building
  • Globally renowned National & International Personality, Keynote Speakers
  • Register your company in Mela.
  • The-Startup direct consulting space.
  • Five weeks pre-accelerator program and demo day at Spain
  • Incubation Program & Pre-Accelerator Program

Event Purpose

The-Startup Mela started because mainly in developing and under develop countries Startup have ideas, there are local investors, service providers, entrepreneurs who are looking platform for Networking, Investment, Connection, Clients and Global expansion but there is lack of strong eco system of startup and entrepreneurs in local level to global level as well as lack of startup culture. So, we decided the best way to solve this problem is to organize an event for startups and entrepreneurs where they can learn, build, connect, network, find and share.

We have come a long way, but we still need your support. Your generous contribution will help us extend our following mission by your support and Together efforts.

  • Building an eco-system of startup and entrepreneurs in Nepal.
  • Finding possibilities, problems and solutions for startup in Nepal.
  • Connecting Nepali Startup with global Market
  • Encouraging startup and entrepreneurs for innovation and initiation.
  • Raising issues to build startup and entrepreneur-friendly policy in Nepal.

Categorized Market Space:

We will design space of Mela with categorized stalls like Starter (looking for investor, team or services) , Startups (looking for investors,clients) , Social org , service providers , Enterprises , Finance , Art ,International participants, government org etc. which helps people to find what they need.


A. Best Idea – The Startup Mela 2018 Nepal
Best idea will get resources and investment to convert idea into startup. Different prizes, free incubation program from international incubators, mentorship will be provided as motivation. The Best Startup will get 5 weeks pre-accelerator program by Tetuan Valley in Madrid, Spain and pitching opportunities with national & International investors. – Click Here to Apply in Best Idea Competition

B. Best startup – The Startup Mela 2018 Nepal
Best Startup will get different prizes, free pre-accelerator program in Europe’s best school, incubation programs, globally recognized mentors, investment and international expansion platform. The best idea will get free incubation program of three months from Bridge for Billions which will support to convert idea into startups. – Click Here to Apply in Best Startup Competition


We have globally and nationally renown partners in Incubation , Acceletors , Investment companies ,Prizes, Events, Forums, Mentors , Hospitality , Airlines , Media , Travel , Audio & Visual , Printing & Publishing , Events and so on.

Our Main Event Partner

Tetuan Valley was founded in 2009 by three entrepreneurs when the word ‘startup’ was barely heard of in Spain to close the gap of the (almost inexistent) tech entrepreneurship scene in Madrid (ES): the entrepreneurs were all on their own. There were people with great ideas and people with great talent, but there was no institution to bring them together and no one to guide them in their projects.

The Tetuan Valley’s star program, the Startup School, was born to do just that: to help entrepreneurs out with their first steps and to bring link-minded individuals together.The 1st edition was held in the Fall of 2009 and since then we have held at least two editions per year, including editions in other provinces like Barcelona, Malaga or Asturias.

Since then, Tetuan Valley has diversified and now works together with universities, corporations, and other associations, inside and outside of Spain, fostering entrepreneurship at all levels and helping startups grow.

Website: tetuanvalley.com

Associated Partners

Hospitality Partner

Airlines Partner

Incubation Partners

Media Partners

Forum Organizers

Service Partners

Investor Partner

Social Media Partner

Supported By


Globally renowned national & international personality from different background will be our key note speaker and panel for discussion

Mr. Pablo Santaeufemia
CEO & Co-Founder / Bridge for Billions

Entrepreneurship aficionado, Forbes 30 under 30, and Ashoka Fellow, who’s driven by his desire to make all that he’s learned available to everyone. He graduated from Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University.

Mr. Pablo Santaeufemia
CEO & Co-Founder / Bridge for Billions
Juan Lisardo Delgado
Entrepreneur & Engineer | Bridge for Billions

Industrial-Mechanical Engineer aiming to change the world through social entrepreneurship in green energies and
social movements, creating a big impact in the lives of millions of people

Juan Lisardo Delgado
Entrepreneur & Engineer | Bridge for Billions
Mr. Avelo Roy
CEO / Kolkata Ventures

Two times Ted speaker, CEO of Kolkotta Ventures Mr. Avelo Roy joining The Startup Mela Nepal 2018 as a Key Note Speaker. Are you excited to listen him at Nepal? Then participate the startup Mela.

Mr. Avelo Roy
CEO / Kolkata Ventures
Paola Téllez Muñoz
Psychology, Innovation and Research

I have a purpose, as a professional and as a person. This purpose is to promote and promote the welfare of individuals at the individual level and as a member of the groups to which we belong. More than a goal, it is for me a philosophy of life.

Paola Téllez Muñoz
Psychology, Innovation and Research
Mr. Aria Dorri
Founding Member / Amazon Tech-Hub

Aria Dorri was one of the founding members of Amazon Tech-Hub in Madrid and led one of the largest teams participating in the launch of Amazon Business. Currently, he is working on several projects including the creation of Madrid Tech Center, a non-profit organization helping tech startups with development of their minimum viable product (MVP) while preparing young software professionals for their early career experience.

Mr. Aria Dorri
Founding Member / Amazon Tech-Hub
Paula Abarca
Head of Communications at Bridge for Billions

I lead communications and marketing at bridgeforbillions.org, the online incubator providing personal, practical and peer support, anytime & anywhere. We've supported more than 300 seed-stage entrepreneurs in 40+ countries, and work with organisations like Ashoka, Coca-Cola, MIT, Accenture and Impact Hub.

Paula Abarca
Head of Communications at Bridge for Billions
Fabián Almenara Cerezo
Software Engineer at Bridge for Billions, Inc

I've worked for 6 years in SAP Consultancy fields but I've found out my way of life in the social entrepreneurship. knowing that all your effort and works makes some entrepreneurs around the world to have access to a mentorship program if pretty gratifying. As I always say, Business is not all about the money!!

Fabián Almenara Cerezo
Software Engineer at Bridge for Billions, Inc

Summit & Forums

We will organize around 100 forum all together in various topics and different series of events. Mainly in international summit we will invite national and international personality as keynote speaker and panel discussion for different forums and topics. Following areas will be under special consideration in doing so.

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Film & Music
  • Art & Culture
  • Healthcare & Hospitality
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Nature & Ayurveda
  • B2B & B2C
  • Finance & Investment
  • Food & Beverage

Our Team

We will have Globally renown national & International Personality in Panel discussion. And as Speaker.

Event Schedule

A schedule at a glance is listed below. Check the program for this year's conference and learn about the speakers and sessions in store for tech enthusiasts.

Our official website will be launched

Press Meets & Social Media Meets from 30 October 2017 to 30 February 2018 in different time and venues globally will be updated in website and official social medias.

International Participation from 31st October 2017 to 30st December 2017

31 October 2017

Competition form will open from 31st October 2017 to 31st December 2017

Stall Pre-Booking Form will Open on 6 November 2017

14 November 2017

Official Website Second Launch 14 November 2017

21 November 2017

Pre- Summit in different part of work from 21 November 2017 to 20 December 2017

28 November 2017

Official Website 3rd Launch on 28 November 2017

3 December 2017

Speakers For Summit will announce on 3rd December 2017 .

Series of Website Updates from 4 December 2017.

6 January 2018

Pre-Launch Event on 6th January 2018

Summit – The Startup Mela 2018 from 8th January 2018 to 27th January 2018 in different part of Nepal.

Training Camp for semifinalist from 29th January 2018 to 2 February 2018

Competition for Final selection from 3rd February 2018 to 6th February 2018

10 February 2018

Announcement of Finalist 10th February 2018

10 February 2018

Close camp for finalist

Training for Trainers & Mentors from International renown Trainers.

Opening of The Startup Mela 2018 – International Summit on 16th February

Closing Ceremony of The Startup Mela 2018 – International Summit on 17th February

Apply Now

Apply for the event. Apply your best idea or startup to The Startup Mela 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs to find the answers to common questions. Can't find your question answered here? Contact us.

What is Startup Mela?

The Start-up Mela is to maintain startup and entrepreneurial eco system though a grand event to connect startup , starter , entrepreneurs , cooperation , investors, incubators, acceletors, service provider, government body , Organization together for social and economic improvement.

Where will it happen?

The Starup Mela 2018 is going to happen Kathmandu, Nepal

When will it happen?

The Startup Mela 2018 is going to happen in 16 & 17 February 2018

How can I participate?

How can I support?


Backbone of The Startup Mela 2018

TE AMO Network

TE AMO Network

The Startup


AAVA Group

AAVA Group (Official Organizer for Nepal)

Event location

Here, you will find directions to the conference venue. More space to meet and network!

Let’s Build History, All  starter, startups, entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, venture capitalist, social org, government body, media (who promote entrepreneurs) will be together to share ideas, investment, service and products.






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